We provide a flexible, individualised service that gives carers a break while meeting the needs of the person that they care for. We'll take over your caring role while you do something important to you. Our skilled and friendly Carer Support Workers can carry out almost any caring task that's needed and will treat your loved one with dignity, compassion and respect.

Services are arranged around your needs and can be for a few hours, a whole day, overnight or longer. Carer Support Workers can provide a service in your home or take the person you support out into the community.

Our care service is arranged around what you require

Every carer's situation is different. By taking the time to understand your family's requirements, we can build a service around the support you need. The first four hours could be free via our Local Authority contract. The Local Authority might also pay for additional service time through its 'spot purchase' arrangements. You can also arrange to pay privately for services yourself.

We can provide services via 'Direct Payment' arrangements if you have you chosen to receive social care funding from the Local Authority in this way. By opting for Direct Payments, you have the flexibility to choose your care provider rather than this being arranged for you by your Local Authority. You can organise this care yourself and pay for it directly, topping up the payments yourself if needed.


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