Carers Trust is a local charity for, with and about carers.

We're an independent charity supporting unpaid carers and their families. Since 1990, we've worked hard to improve support, services and recognition for Gateshead residents living with the challenge of caring, unpaid, for someone who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or addiction problems.

We're a network partner of the national Carers Trust. Together we're part of the largest independent organisation supporting carers in the UK.


We provide a range of flexible, individualised services to both adult and young carers.

We provide services that give people a break from their caring and help children and young people to overcome the challenges that young carers can face. 

Find out more about our Services for Adult Carers and Young Carers


Our Vision

Our vision is simple. We want to see a better life for carers.


Our Mission

Our mission is to support carers to have a life alongside caring. We'll do this through services that enable carers to continue their caring role whilst having a life of their own and maintaining their own well-being.


Our Values

  • Non-judgmental – giving empathy and support to all carers, regardless of their circumstances
  • Innovation – being creative in the services that we develop
  • Quality - providing the highest standard of professional service that we can at all times
  • Inclusivity – we aim to involve carers at every level in the organisation


We Will

  • Treat all with dignity and respect
  • Consult with carers on their services
  • Provide services and support at home, in the community and online
  • Develop professional partnerships that enhance the quality and reach of our services