A Young carer can make an application to the Wellbeing Fund for something that promotes their wellbeing, helps them stay connected with friends and family or gives them a break. The maximum they can apply for is £200, including delivery of the item they choose and they can apply again every 12 months.

Please read the criteria about what you can apply for carefully. If the item you have requested is not within our criteria, it will be unsuccessful and you will be notified of this.

Only one young carer per family can apply in any 12 months to the Wellbeing Fund, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

To access the Wellbeing Fund, a young carer must have had a Young Carer’s Assessment and be registered with the Young Carers’ Service.

How long will it take to process my Wellbeing Fund Application?

It will take approximately 28 working days to process your application. Please allow for this when applying for the wellbeing fund. 

When should you contact us about your Wellbeing Fund Application?

  • If you have not heard anything about your application after 28 working days
  • If the item you are wanting to purchase has changed 
  • If there has been an issue with a product you have purchased through the Wellbeing Fund e.g. the item is faulty or issues with delivery.

If a young carer isn’t already registered and wants to apply to the Wellbeing Fund, please make a referral to our service. The young carer will need to have a Young Carer’s Assessment completed before any funding can be considered.


Click here if the young carer is not registered with our service. A separate form must be completed for each young carer