You can create a better life for carers for years to come

Right now, we’re working with hundreds of Gateshead families where someone requires a significant level of support due to a disability, addiction or a severe illness. They’re being supported by an army of unpaid children, young people and adults of all ages who are saving the UK economy an estimated £132bn a year.

1 in 10 of us are already carers. 

3 in 5 of us will experience caring for a loved one at some point in our lives.

By 2030, the number of carers in the UK will increase by around 60% - that’s over 10 million people!

Caring is something that will affect us all

What is a legacy?

A legacy is a gift left to a charity in your will so that you can continue to make a lasting difference to the lives of others. It enables a cause that you feel passionate about to provide services in your name for many years to come. A legacy can be any size – it doesn’t have to be a choice between providing security for your loved ones and supporting your chosen charity.

Setting up a legacy is easy 


When you write or update your will, all you need to do is contact your professional advisor, such as a solicitor or financial advisor, and let them know the sum or percentage of your estate that you would like to leave us. Your adviser will need only our charity name, address and registered charity number.

While we are publicly recognised as Carers Trust Tyne and Wear, our business name is Gateshead Crossroads Caring for Carers.  


A suggested wording for your professional advisor is:

"I give £XX or XX% of my estate to Gateshead Crossroads Caring for Carers, registered charity number in England and Wales (1059917) for its general charitable purposes."

If you’ve left a gift to us, please let us know so we can thank you. You can make contact online here or give us a call on 01207 549780

How your gift will help

 You can transform the lives of carers by helping us to 

  • Deliver programmes and support that improves the health and wellbeing of young carers and their families
  • Provide emergency carer relief that is not covered by our normal contracts
  • Pay for essential items to help a carer with their training or education
  • Provide short breaks for young carers
  • Support the core functions of the charity that enable us to deliver services directly to carers and their families
  • Try new ideas for addressing the issues that carers themselves think are important


We’ve been working with carers in Gateshead for over 25 years. We understand the lasting difference that your gift can make.

It is an investment in the future of young carers, enabling them to cope with the pressures of their caring role while focussing on their education. Your support helps us to address their mental health, loneliness and the feeling of being ‘different’ to other children, enabling young carers to grow into healthy adults with their own dreams and aspirations.


There is a clear correlation between the amount time that adults spend caring and their own poor health outcomes. By helping us to give adult carers a break, you’re reducing the chance of stroke or personal injury. You’re helping carers to stay connected with their families and communities, reducing the loneliness and poor mental health that carers can experience. 

How we’ll use your gift 

Supporters can be rightfully concerned that their donation will not be put to good use. We'll be completely upfront about how we’ll use your legacy.

For every £1 that we receive

  • 70p will go directly into service delivery. This includes purchasing equipment, paying for courses and activities and paying the staff that work directly with carers.
  • 20p supports the organisation’s overheads. While not very exciting, this is essential for ensuring our work is legally compliant, staff are properly managed and supported and that we can pay our bills!
  • 10p will go towards fundraising for the next £1 so that we can continue to deliver on your legacy into the future.

Our Pledge to You

We promise…

To only use your gift to support our charitable mission

To acknowledge your support in our reports and on our website

To provide updates to someone of your choice about the difference your gift is making

If we should have to close, we’ll ensure that your gift is transferred to another local charity supporting carers, as described in our Memorandum of Articles

Further information

If you would like more information about leaving a gift in your will,

Click here to send us a message or give us a call on 01207 549780

Pen image supplied by Aaron Burden on Unsplash