People of all ages and backgrounds volunteer for charities or in their local communities.

It's a great way for anyone, including carers, to meet new people, learn something new or use the skills that they already have. 
We want your volunteering experience to be rewarding. Some volunteers appreciate knowing that they’ve been able to help a good cause. Others want to develop their knowledge and skills or apply their expertise in a different way. We can discuss this with you before you start and try to design a volunteering experience that’s fun, interesting and suits your goals.

Benefits for volunteers

  • Learn new skills
  • Do something that you've never done before
  • Meet new people and stay connected with your community
  • Add valuable experience to your CV 
  • The satisfaction of applying your skills and knowledge for the benefit of others

"Even though there is no pressure to accomplish tasks, my role here is quite important as even a small help can allow my colleagues to focus on other things. This, in turn, means the people needing support can receive a better service". Daniel

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