What We Can Offer You

Businesses have a unique expertise that they can bring to a charity partnership. Some want to apply this know-how to a long-term relationship with a clear social impact that enhances the capability, wellbeing and employment journey of their staff.

Carers Trust Tyne and Wear develops strategic relationships with a small number of partners. We aim to contribute to your employee development and the achievement of your social responsibility goals through a programme that enhances sector knowledge, long-term outcomes for carers and the sustainability and professional practice of our organisation.

We’ll work with you to plan the most effective relationship that we can, with partnership opportunities potentially involving

  • Pro bono consultancy
  • Research partnerships
  • Trusteeship
  • Sponsoring specific posts or elements of our service delivery
  • Long-term fundraising activity, such as a ‘Charity of the Year’ scheme

The Difference You Make

 Your support is valuable in so many ways.

  • You help us to become more innovative and efficient at delivering our service outputs, leading to better outcomes for carers
  • You enable us to better understand our impact so that we can continue to improve service design
  • You enhance the knowledge, capability and confidence of our staff
  • You improve sector knowledge so that others can deliver services more effectively
  • You make a significant financial contribution, improving business sustainability

To find out more about becoming a Strategic Partner, get in touch by calling us on 01207 549780

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