Covid-19 has had a big impact on how we’ve been able to support young carers this year. We'd normally be out in group and one-to-one activities, meeting up at school drop-ins and generally giving young carers a break and some emotional support.

Sadly, the pandemic has prevented us from delivering face-to-face services. We’d hoped to be meeting with young carers again from September but, for now, we don’t know when we’ll be able to deliver these services again.

But that doesn’t mean we’ve gone away. Since the pandemic began, the team have been working very hard! We've been

  • providing support over the phone
  • posting out packs of activities and useful information
  • running online groups
  • creating videos to help the mind and body to stay healthy and
  • using the Wellbeing and PARP Funds to buy useful equipment for young carers

We need help to decide what to do next!

We’re contacting our young carers and their families to find out what services they think we should try to deliver while we’re still restricted by Covid-19.

As you can see here, Christine, Janet and Gillian have been busy posting out hundreds of questionnaires. We've started phoning our families and young carers and, over half-term, we’ll be running some online groups where young carers can share their opinions.

We’re asking a few simple questions that will help us to plan the services that we'll continue to provide. This will also help us to apply for more funding as we’ll have strong evidence that the services we’re planning are what young carers want. 

If you’re a parent/guardian or a young carer and would like to complete a a survey online, hit one of the buttons below. Alternatively, if you'd like to take part in an interview get in touch We’d love to speak to you!

To add a little incentive, everyone we speak to or who returns a questionnaire before November 5th will be entered into a prize draw to win an online shopping voucher.

Your views will be extremely important in helping us to plan our services for the future. Make sure you have your say!

Young Carer Survey Parent / Guardian Survey