We’re extremely pleased to announce that we’ve been selected to receive a Charity Survival Fund grant from the Julia and Hans Rausing Trust.

The Trust is a charitable fund supporting UK organisations that provide benefit to society within the areas of health and wellbeing, welfare and education, and arts and culture. By supporting these areas, the Trust aims to foster a healthy society that gives care to those in need, provides opportunity for all, and offers inspiring cultural engagement.

 The Charity Survival Fund was conceived through the Trust’s concern about the economic impact of Covid-19, particularly the drop in income that many organisations like ours face at the same time as rising demand for services. The Trust pledged £18 million in core funding for UK charities, and received over 2600 applications.

We are delighted to say that our application to The Charity Survival Fund was successful and we were awarded £70,044. Feedback on our application from the Trust stated

We were impressed by the work of your charity, and hope that our funds will help meet some of your core running costs over the challenging months ahead, in order that you may continue to deliver your charitable work.

The grant is for core costs and overheads. It will support our sustainability and contribute to organisation resilience so that we can continue to provide valuable services to carers. 

As a charity whose income has been affected by Covid-19, this grant couldn't have come at  a better time. It will help us to better face an uncertain future and continue to support carers living Gateshead. It also means a lot personally to know that funders believe in the value of our staff and services, and the mission we are working hard to achieve. 

Anthony Lea, Business Development Manager