Grant funding is massively important to charities like ours.

It helps us to pay for service and activities costs, purchase equipment, pay staff salaries and expenses, and cover the cost of maintaining our site.

It’s always good news to hear a grant application has been succesful.

The Care Service

In September, we applied to the Hadrian Trust for a small grant towards the running costs of our Care Service.
The Service supports unpaid carers across the borough by providing a short, regular break. Services can be carried out in the home, including overnight, where our Carer Support Workers can take over almost anything the carer would normally do themselves, including:

  • Practical tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, ironing and changing bedding
  • Personal care such as washing, bathing, shaving, toileting and feeding
  • Administering medication and peg feeding

Carer Support Workers can also take the person with care needs into the community to access their own activities, such as shopping, visiting the cinema or attending day services.

This regular break enables carers to do things that might otherwise be impossible, such as going to work, spending time with other children, leisure and social activities, or simply resting.

This helps to maintain carers’ physical and mental health, improves wellbeing and supports a better quality of life. Research suggests that breaks from caring reduces the need for health and other support services for the carer. This helps them to care better and for longer and reduces the need for statutory or residential services for the person with care needs.

Hadrian Trust

Hadrian Trust has a long history of supporting charities in the North East.

Established in 1976, it provides grants to charities working in areas such as social welfare, the environment, education, the arts, and support for women and young, elderly, disabled or black and minority ethnic people. Local grantmakers like the Trust play an incredibly important role in supporting smaller charities like ours. Last year they awarded 193 grants totalling nearly £230,000, helping to support thousands of people in the North East.

When Aidan was going through treatment, we were saying we didn’t feel as though we were switching off, the monitor was beside the bed, and any slight movement or sound, the monitor picked it up, we had to watch for him being sick. We were literally on the edge, we couldn’t relax. It was mentally and physically exhausting. [When the Carer Support Worker was there] we were so grateful just to be able to come to bed and just to physically sleep.

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