This year we started an exciting new fundraising partnership with a unique supporter – Digging Northumberland.

You might have heard the word ‘Detectorist’ thanks to the popular BBC TV series. They’re people who spend time outdoors with their metal detectors, searching for items that might have been buried for hundreds of years.

Digging Northumberland is a local group of detectorists that organises regular digs in the North East.

Deborah and Grant approached us at our Christmas Hub event in December and explained how they regularly run digs in the area. Members gather with their metal detectors to search for buried items and often find coins, jewellery, tools and other long forgotten artifacts of times gone by.

Grant and Deborah were keen to support the charity in some way.

Their son-in-law, Tom, works in the Care Service and had told them about the work we do to support carers, as well as how his family regularly bake amazing treats for our Friday Hubs. They felt that the digs were a perfect space to fundraise and offered to donate the money they raise from selling refreshments.

We decided to support Carers Trust Tyne and Wear as I was a carer to my late parents. At that time, there were no respite services and it was often a hard task. Looking after my dad after his stroke was hard work. I often had to do this alone and finding time for myself was impossible. Looking after my mum was even harder. It was heartbreaking watching her deteriorate from the person that she was was and one of the hardest jobs I have ever had. This is why, after finding out what Carers Trust Tyne and Wear does, we were so keen to help the service and support them.
We all need a break from time to time. If we can give just one person the chance to unwind, get their nails done, get some much needed sleep, or even help support a day out, we understand just how much that little break will mean.


Deborah and Grant visited our Friday Hub on February 24th to give a donation of £93.44, raised at their first two events this year.

We’re all looking forward to a succesful year digging and fundraising and would like to extend a huge thank you to Grant, Deborah and everyone at Digging Northumberland and their sponsor, Dr Otek.

Fancy trying a bit of detectoring yourself? Grant has a message for anyone who would like to get involved.

The best thing about my hobby is getting time to myself! Walking along, getting some exercise and clearing my head of the cobwebs, forgetting the daily chores. Being able to just unwind and enjoying the sun on my face, spending time with people that are there to just do the same thing as me.
If you would like to come along and try our hobby, we run taster sessions. We will bring along a metal detector for you to try. Ages are from walking to 99. If you can walk, you could find something! We will attend the coffee morning once a month. Come and have a chat with us and we can arrange something with you. If you want to join our Facebook group to follow us and see what we do and find, come and ask us for a group link!


If you'd like to meet Grant and find out more about becoming a detectorist, he'll be at our Friday Hub on the last Friday of the month.