Carers are the unsung heroes of the pandemic. While we were rightly clapping for our frontline workers (which includes my colleagues), very little was said nationally about those who were caring for a loved one who was elderly or had a chronic illness, disability or addiction.
The caring roles of adults and children increased massively during the pandemic. Many had to isolate in their homes to shield the person that they cared for. They lost vital support services that either closed or significantly reduced the support that they could provide. We saw this firsthand. Families had to cancel the support from our Carer Relief Service that would normally provide a few hours respite. Our Young Carer Service was restricted to providing services by post, phone and online.
The toll on adult's and children's wellbeing has been huge but we now have a chance to try to address this. By fundraising for Carers Trust Tyne and Wear, I'm contributing to much needed breaks from the caring role for adults as well as vital social opportunities and wellbeing support for children and young people. Anthony Lea