Yes. Anyone can make a referral on behalf of a carer if they have their permission.

If you’re a parent/guardian and want to refer your child as a young carer, please make sure they’re happy for you to do this. We can’t provide a service to a child or young person who doesn’t want it.

In some circumstances, a young carer would like support but does not want their parent/guardian  to know. This is not unusual. Illness and disability are a very private issues for many families. Children and young people can feel like they are breaking someone’s trust to talk about it. We cannot register a child or young person for a service without their parent/guardian’s permission. In some circumstances we can arrange to visit them in school, or they could attend one of our school drop-ins. If you believe someone is a young carer, we will always encourage you to gain the parent/guardian’s permission. By doing so, you could be helping them to get the support they need as well.