What We Can Offer You

Corporate partners commit to a longer-term relationship or a piece of work that makes a significant and lasting impact to our service. We’ll work with you to help your business achieve its social responsibility goals while contributing to your staff development and employment journey. Partnership activities could include

  • Delivering events or training for carers and our staff
  • Regular volunteering across the charity
  • Providing venues for our activities
  • Significantly enhancing our premises
  • Donating equipment
  • Donating you professional expertise, such as graphic design or marketing
  • Payroll giving
  • Organising fundraising events or joining our ‘Friends of Carers Trust Tyne and Wear’ fundraising group

The Difference You Make

 Your support is valuable in so many ways.

  • You help to create carer-friendly workplaces and communities
  • You create opportunities for ‘time-out’ from the caring role and help carers to manage this caring alongside other areas of their lives
  • You improve the health, wellbeing, skills, knowledge and social connections of carers and their families
  • You raise the profile of the services that we deliver, helping us to increase the number of carers that we reach
  • You enhance the knowledge, capability and confidence of our staff
  • You help us to become more innovative and efficient at delivering our service outputs, leading to better outcomes for carers
  • You reduce our administrative workload
  • You improve the working environment for our team and make it more welcoming for carers
  • You help us to generate income that can support every stage of service delivery, improving business sustainability

To find out more about becoming a Corporate Partner, get in touch by calling us on 01207 549780

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