Hi, I’m Carol and I’ve just started my role as Young Carers Service Lead

which is a bit daunting as the rest of the staff team are well established and have far more knowledge and experience of supporting young carers. I do, however, have many years’ experience of working for charitable organisations that deliver support services for children and young people.

When I saw this role advertised, the job description really did give me butterflies in my stomach. I knew that this was my dream job.

I was so happy when I was shortlisted for an interview and I can’t describe the excitement I felt when I received a phone call to offer me the post.

I am passionate about ensuring that all children and young people are given the support, encouragement and opportunities they need to achieve all of their goals, so this role is perfect for me.

I am currently learning everything I can about the Young Carers Service and the wonderful projects and activities that we deliver. When I feel that I have a sound understanding of the service, I will be exploring ways of further enhancing and developing the projects and piloting new initiatives to expand our service delivery.

In the near future I will be contacting many of the children and young people who use our services. I'll be asking for their ideas and suggestions on ways in which improvements can be made and any new activities that they would like to be offered.

If you would like to become involved in the project development, please email me at: [email protected]

I’d love to hear from you. I’ll keep you updated with our progress over the next few months.