The move from primary to secondary school can be a difficult time, particularly for those who have the added responsibility of caring for a family member. Young carers have to be so much more organised. They might be responsible for their uniform, packed lunch and school equipment as a parent might not always be able to do this for them. They might also be worried about the longer day at school, as more time spent travelling could mean extra time away from the person that they care for.
Some young carers find it difficult to get the school equipment that they need. We send packs to our young carers which include activities to help them plan and prepare. We include a small stationery pack, including items such as pens, pencils, rulers, erasers and notepads to make sure that they have the essentials they will need. This helps to relieve some of the pressure that they’re feeling, lets them know that we are thinking of them and is a reminder that we’re here if they need support.

Andrea Overton.

Young Carer Support Worker