My name is Bethany Dodgson, I am 26 years old & have been a carer for most of my life.

I care for both my mum and my brother. My mum suffers from epilepsy, diabetes, non-alcoholic liver disease, depression & fibromyalgia. While my brother has glaucoma, arthritis, autism, cataracts, global development delay, social communication delay, anxiety, under-active thyroid & foetal valproate syndrome.

I help them with a range of tasks that include organising medication, cooking meals, reminding my mum of bills to be paid, shopping, cleaning, washing clothes and organising appointments. I do all of this as well as managing my own health issues and a near full-time job.

I have been supported by this service since I was eight years old.

Through Carers Trust, I have made friends who understand if I forget to talk to them for weeks or have to cancel plans last minute, as they are in a similar situation to myself. I have also received emotional support over the years to finish my education path in university and to achieve my dream job (which at the time I didn’t know I even wanted).

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