“Hello, my name is Amy. I am 17 years old and I am a young carer.”

My little sister and I help our Dad to take care of Mam. My Mam has to be in a wheelchair. She struggles with MS like problems meaning her movement is very limited.

As much as I love taking care of my Mam it can be very stressful. Days are very long and challenging. Everyday tasks vary from cleaning to generally helping my Mam. Sometimes caring gets in the way of my life. At school I struggle to keep up with the homework and revision as well as football, which is my main way to relieve stress. Now at college I have had to miss some days meaning I was behind. 

"I struggle a lot everyday but the Young Carer Service has helped me a lot."

They provide a lot of help to people like me. The help take me out of this environment and help me to have fun. I have done a lot of fun activities with them. Events like this really do help.